Sporty skiing
Snow-reliable. Wide. Pistes.

my moment - my nassfeld

Amazingly spacious, vast, snow-reliable and, as far as the mountain panorama is concerned, hard to beat. Those who come to Nassfeld can expect a lot. But the ski resort, which is one of the Top 10 in Austria, goes the extra mile and provides its guests with numerous surprise moments that put a smile on their faces. Because special aha experiences await sporty and leisure skiers at every "corner" of the ski resort, which is perfectly developed with 30 cable cars and lifts as well as 110 kilometres of pistes. Whether snow park, "The Snake", freeride areas or ski movie race tracks - everyone will find their own personal moments of happiness here.

  • SPACIOUS - 110 kilometres of pistes
  • SNOW-reliable - 7-8 m of snow / winter
  • SUNNY - a plus of 100 hours
  • NICE SURPRISE - surprise moments in the snow

Culinary delights & southern lifestyle

Culinary "carving" is a pleasure between Austrian ski huts and Italian "ristoranti", which guarantee perfect moments of enjoyment with their exciting mix of local delicacies and Mediterranean specialities. But it's not just them that exude a southern lifestyle. Many winter sports enthusiasts are surprised by the extra sunshine that characterises winter in the Alpine south. Because in terms of the number of hours of sunshine, Nassfeld is clearly ahead in the entire Alpine region!